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PCH wins Aboda's Top Performer Award

About Aboda's "top performer award":

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PCH was recognized for outstanding partnership and commitment to service excellence. PCH achieved Top Performer Rating by scoring over 8 on a 10-point scale on guest satisfaction surveys and delivered an exceptional guest experience. "Our partners help our brand family deliver quality housing options, maximized value, a consistent experience and transaction transparency to our Fortune 1000 clients. Our Partner Award Reception was our way of celebrating their accomplishments this year and thanking them for their continued partnership," Matt Daniel, CCHP, Vice President of Global Services for ABODA by RESIDE.

Preferred Corporate Housing’s achievement in winning the Aboda's Top Performer Award is a remarkable milestone that signifies excellence and commitment to quality service. This award is a reflection of the company’s dedication to not only meet but exceed client expectations through exceptional corporate housing solutions. Moreover, it highlights the importance of good partnerships in the corporate housing industry. In a sector where client needs are diverse and often require specialized attention, strong partnerships like the one with Aboda are invaluable. They enable Preferred Corporate Housing to offer more comprehensive and tailored services by leveraging the strengths and capabilities of each partner. This collaborative approach is fundamental for innovation, expanding service offerings, and ensuring customer satisfaction. In essence, the Aboda's Top Performer Award is not just an accolade, but a testament to the synergy that can be achieved through good partnerships, and how this synergy propels Preferred Corporate Housing to new heights in service excellence.

About Preferred Corporate Housing:

Preferred Corporate Housing has been providing furnished temporary housing services across North America for more than 25 years. With service to more than 75,000 locations, PCH has become a go-to resource for more than 9,000 local, national and global clients including 413 companies on the 2019 Fortune 500 list.