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Why choose corporate housing rather than doing it yourself?

• We manage the setup, delivery, utility connections and deposits for all services

• One monthly bill instead of processing individual bills for rent, electric, cable, water, gas, phone, furniture, housewares, maid service, long distance

• We schedule, manage and handle special maid service cleanings and custom requests

• Direct corporate billing - consolidate your inventory for accounting relief

• National Account Coordinators - providing one point of contact nationwide for your company

• Professional management - removing you from the day to day needs of your travelers

• Lower overall costs to you - due to our national vendor contracts and bulk discounts

• Flexible lease terms

• All major credit cards accepted


Why choose corporate housing instead of a cramped hotel or extended stay?

• Accommodate your family or multiple travelers - we do not charge per person

• Comfort - full-size apartment compared to efficiency size hotel room (avg. hotel = 350 sq.ft. vs. avg. apartment = 750 sq ft.)

• No irritating hotel tax of 18% or more (for stays longer than 30 days)

• Complete kitchen with appliances compared to a "kitchenette"

• Convenience - use of all apartment community amenities (including pool, fitness facility, executive center, parking options, etc.)

• Ability to accommodate your family pets

Take a look at the price comparison below: AN AVERAGE SAVINGS OF $4,3900.00

Rental Rate - 1 bedroom $4,440.00 ($148 x 30)* $3,900 - avg rate
Hotel Tax - 18% on Average $799.20 no charge
Meals (eating out vs cooking) $1,770.00 ($59 x 30) $560 - full kitchen
Laundry $400.00 no charge
Interenet (WiFi) $298.50 ($9.95 day x 30) Included
Parking $1,050 ($35 day x 30) Included
TOTAL COSTS FOR 30 DAYS $8,757.70 $4,460.00

Corporate Housing Services

These benefits highlight why Preferred Corporate Housing stands out as the ideal choice for extended assignments, providing superior comfort, privacy, cost savings, pet-friendly options, and nationwide coverage. Choose Preferred Corporate Housing for your company's corporate housing needs and experience these advantages firsthand.

Comfortable and Spacious Living Environment

Furnished corporate apartments offer more space and amenities compared to cramped hotel rooms.
Separate living areas and fully functional kitchens create a home-like atmosphere for travelers to relax during extended stays.

Privacy and Security

Guests enjoy enhanced privacy and security in furnished corporate apartments, unlike in hotels.
Private spaces allow for focused work or peaceful relaxation, while many apartment communities offer additional security measures.

Cost Savings

Significant savings are possible by choosing furnished corporate apartments over hotels.
Sharing apartments among multiple travelers reduces accommodation expenses, and fully functional kitchens enable cost-effective meal preparation.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Many apartment communities in Preferred Corporate Housing's network are pet-friendly, accommodating furry family members during extended stays.
This eliminates the need for costly pet boarding services, providing convenience and comfort for travelers.

Nationwide Coverage

With access to over 75,000 destinations across the country, Preferred Corporate Housing ensures accommodations are available regardless of the city.
This extensive network offers convenience and flexibility for companies with diverse corporate housing needs.

These are just a few of the reasons why Preferred Corporate Housing should be your top choice for your next extended assignment. Our furnished corporate apartments offer superior comfort, privacy, cost savings, pet-friendly options, and nationwide coverage. Make the smart choice and experience the benefits of Preferred Corporate Housing for your company's corporate housing needs.

*average hotel room rate per statista in 2022

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