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Construction Industry Housing Solutions

Preferred Corporate Housing provides temporary housing logistic solutions to the construction, contracting and building industries by creating fully furnished apartments for jobsite personnel. Our corporate apartments can accommodate anything from small crews in remote locations to large groups in prolonged stays. Fully furnished all inclusive apartments are a cost effective way to house employees and staff while on assignment. Preferred Corporate Housing can create custom housing solutions which allow employers to house multiple occupants in 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments, minimizing costs.

PCH is a woman-owned small business certified by the WBENC (Womans Business Enterprise National Council). We can meet WOSB subcontracting supplier requirements as needed for certian government/corporate contracts.

What our clients are saying ...

"We work in an ever challenging, fast-paced retail rehab commercial industry where one must be on top of his/her game and subsequently must "make" time for matters such as these. Your team never oversold, pushed or showed any form of impatience with our lack of time or what only appeared to be poor organization from our end. To tell you the truth, I know that these ladies literally called in some favors for us. We got all the paperwork authorized on a Thursday and wanted to move in right away. Because of their dedication, I picked up keys on that Saturday, and opened the door to a tastefully decorated apartment and was very pleased. How they did it I do not know. If I had a dozen ladies like the two you are blessed with I could easily get rid of about 50% of the construction personnel I currently have, increase my margin of profit, and get the job done way ahead of schedule. They are simply irreplaceable in my opinion, and their overall attitudes make them irresistible to work with."

Take a look at the savings we can offer by reviewing our Cost Comparison Analysis of a PCH furnished apartment versus a standard hotel stay.

Preferred Corporate Housing can serve as an ideal solution for construction companies that require group housing for their crews during extended projects. By opting for furnished apartments instead of traditional hotel rooms, construction companies can provide their employees with a more comfortable and homely living environment. The spaciousness of furnished apartments offers ample room for relaxation and storage, which is particularly beneficial for construction workers who often carry a variety of gear and equipment.

Moreover, the privacy offered by furnished apartments is far superior to cramped hotel stays. With separate bedrooms and living spaces, employees can maintain a sense of personal space and unwind after a long day's work. This is essential in boosting morale and productivity. In addition, having a full kitchen at their disposal allows the team to prepare meals as per their preferences, which can be both cost-effective and healthier. This becomes an essential amenity especially when staying for extended periods as it helps in creating a sense of normalcy and routine. The ability to cook, have proper storage for groceries and enjoy meals in a dining area can greatly contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of the construction crew, ultimately leading to a more focused and efficient team on the job site.

Partnering with Preferred Corporate Housing (PCH) is a strategic choice that brings numerous benefits and advantages to your organization. As a leader in the corporate housing industry, PCH offers a range of compelling reasons to establish a partnership but one that stands our is our commitment to customer service

Unparalleled Customer Service

PCH has earned a reputation for providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. By partnering with us, you align your organization with a company that prioritizes client satisfaction, ensuring that your employees or clients receive exceptional care and attention during their stays.

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