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PCH makes the Houston Business Journal's list for
"Largest Woman-Owned Business" in Houston

About "Largest Woman-Owned Business" Award:

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Preferred Corporate Housing listed as one of the Largest Woman-Owned Businesses in Houston. The Houston Business Journal released its annual "Largest Woman-Owned Businesses" list earlier this month. This list includes the top 25 Houston-based companies that are at least 51 percent owned by women. Preferred Corporate Housing is pleased to have been listed as the 17th Largest Woman-Owned Business in Houston according to HBJ's rankings. "Corporate diversity plays a significant role in our day-to-day partnerships and transactions. We seek out diverse suppliers and sub-contractors to help us service our national corporate housing clients, so it is nice to be recognized because of our ownership diversity as well," said Samantha Elliott, President of Preferred Corporate Housing.

Utilizing a woman-owned business like Preferred Corporate Housing is of paramount importance for companies that are engaged in contracts with the federal government or striving to meet supplier diversity goals. The federal government and many corporations have established initiatives to support diverse suppliers, including woman-owned businesses. By engaging with Preferred Corporate Housing, companies can align with these initiatives and potentially benefit from incentives and opportunities that come with fulfilling diversity requirements. Moreover, embracing supplier diversity reflects a commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity. This not only enhances a company's reputation but also resonates with an increasingly diverse customer base that values equitable and inclusive business practices. Partnering with a woman-owned business also fosters innovation and varied perspectives, which can lead to more creative and effective solutions for clients. In sum, choosing Preferred Corporate Housing, a woman-owned business, enables companies to fulfill contractual obligations, contribute positively to social objectives, and potentially drive innovation and customer satisfaction through diversity and inclusion.

About Preferred Corporate Housing:

Preferred Corporate Housing has been providing furnished temporary housing services across North America for more than 25 years. With service to more than 75,000 locations, PCH has become a go-to resource for more than 9,000 local, national and global clients including 413 companies on the 2019 Fortune 500 list.