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Global Business Travel Association

The purpose of the GBTA (Global Business Travelers Association) is to advocate for the interests of business travelers and the business travel industry worldwide. GBTA serves as a leading voice for professionals in the business travel industry, including travel managers, suppliers, and service providers. The association strives to enhance the understanding and importance of business travel as a vital aspect of global commerce. GBTA works towards promoting sustainable and responsible travel practices, providing educational resources, conducting industry research, and offering networking opportunities for its members. Additionally, GBTA advocates for policies and initiatives that support the needs and interests of business travelers, such as efficient travel processes, travel safety, and favorable business travel regulations. Ultimately, the purpose of GBTA is to champion the value of business travel, foster collaboration within the industry, and address the evolving needs and challenges of business travelers worldwide.

Preferred Corporate Housing has developed a strong relationship with the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) over the years, actively engaging in collaborative initiatives and fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. As a trusted corporate housing provider, Preferred Corporate Housing actively participates in local sponsored events organized by GBTA, contributing valuable insights and expertise in the realm of corporate housing. By sharing industry knowledge and best practices with travel management professionals, Preferred Corporate Housing assists in enhancing their understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the corporate housing sector.

In addition to local engagements, Preferred Corporate Housing recognizes the significance of the GBTA's national conference as a premier platform for industry professionals to connect, learn, and collaborate. Consequently, the company enthusiastically attends the GBTA national conference, leveraging the opportunity to network with corporate travel managers, travel service providers, and industry leaders from around the country. This engagement allows Preferred Corporate Housing to stay abreast of the latest trends, emerging technologies, and evolving needs of the corporate travel industry, enabling them to consistently deliver exceptional housing solutions.

The Global Business Travel Association, as a representative body, plays a crucial role in advocating for the interests of corporate travel managers and travel service providers across the nation. Through their advocacy efforts, the GBTA strives to shape policies, influence regulations, and promote favorable business travel practices. By actively participating in GBTA events and aligning with their vision, Preferred Corporate Housing solidifies its commitment to supporting the goals and objectives of the association.

The relationship between Preferred Corporate Housing and GBTA is built on a shared commitment to professionalism, excellence, and advancing the field of corporate housing within the context of business travel. Through their collaboration, both entities work towards driving innovation, enhancing the travel experience for corporate travelers, and strengthening the overall business travel industry.