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Insurance Industry Housing Solutions

Preferred Corporate Housing works closely with the insurance industry to provide accommodations to policyholders in times of need. We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals who are displaced from their homes due to natural disasters or unexpected events. In such situations, we are dedicated to assisting policyholders by offering fully furnished temporary apartments precisely where they need to be located.

Our partnership with the insurance industry allows us to respond quickly and effectively to policyholders' housing needs. When a policyholder experiences a home displacement, we understand the urgency of providing a comfortable and convenient living arrangement. Through our extensive network of fully furnished apartments, we can swiftly secure suitable accommodations in close proximity to their original residence or desired location.

At Preferred Corporate Housing, we recognize the importance of delivering a seamless experience for policyholders during challenging times. Our team is experienced in working with insurance adjusters, claim professionals, and policyholders, ensuring smooth communication and coordination throughout the housing process. We take into account specific requirements, preferences, and any unique circumstances to ensure that the temporary housing solution meets the policyholders' needs.

Moreover, our fully furnished temporary apartments are meticulously designed to provide a comfortable and homelike environment for policyholders. We understand that being displaced from one's home can be a distressing experience, and we aim to alleviate some of that stress by offering a cozy and familiar setting. Our apartments are furnished with quality furniture, equipped with essential amenities, and include all necessary utilities, allowing policyholders to settle in quickly and focus on rebuilding their lives.

In addition to providing temporary housing, Preferred Corporate Housing offers personalized support and exceptional customer service to policyholders. Our dedicated team is available to address any concerns, assist with special requests, and ensure that policyholders have a smooth and hassle-free experience. We understand the importance of compassion and empathy during challenging times, and we strive to provide a supportive and caring approach to policyholders throughout their temporary stay.

Preferred Corporate Housing collaborates with the insurance industry to provide fully furnished temporary apartments to policyholders in times of displacement. Through our efficient processes, personalized support, and attention to detail, we work diligently to ensure that policyholders receive comfortable and convenient accommodations exactly where they need to be located. Our commitment to seamless service and compassionate care allows us to assist policyholders during difficult times and contribute to their recovery and well-being.

We know that when a family needs to be relocated, that it means the entire family, so that is why we accept your pets in our furnished apartments.

Our dedicated staff will coordinate all of the logistics and expenses with your insurance company to find appropriate housing options within your ALE - additional living expenses. This homeowner policy coverage provides temporary housing for homeowners who have lost or damaged their home due to fire or natural disaster.

Preferred Corporate Housing is perfectly suited for insurance housing because we offer access to the largest inventory of corporate housing nationwide. We find, locate and create a custom residence for each and every client based on location.

We are proud members of the PLRB - Property Loss Research Bureau.

If you are an insurance adjuster in need of temporary housing, we offer customized furnished apartments near affected areas. Give us a call today!