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Inventory Management

Inventory Management Program - Online account management tools

Preferred Corporate Housing is the only temporary housing company that provides customers with a suite of comprehensive tools to manage their temporary housing needs. Our corporate clients are provided with their own dynamic temporary housing website, which acts as a gateway for initiating, tracking and managing their companies utilization of our services.

National Account Clients are able to view in real time:

Submit new housing requests nationwide

• Check the status of any corporate housing request made

• View your company's current housing inventory, including all information regarding each unit. (ie. Resident name, unit details, date of proposed move-out, etc.)

• Customized move in packets for each account

• Online billing information including access to individual invoices, receipts and account statements

• Access to our maintenance manager to check the status of maintenance requests or submit a new customer service request

Having control of their corporate housing inventory is essential for corporate clients due to several key reasons.

Firstly, having control allows corporate clients to tailor their housing solutions to meet their specific needs and requirements. Each organization has unique policies, preferences, and budgets when it comes to temporary housing. By having control over their inventory, corporate clients can select housing options that align with their criteria, ensuring that the accommodations provided to their employees or executives meet their standards. This control enables clients to customize the housing experience to reflect their corporate culture and values.

Secondly, having control of corporate housing inventory offers flexibility and agility in managing employee relocations or temporary assignments. Business needs can change rapidly, requiring adjustments in the housing arrangements for employees. With control over the inventory, corporate clients can easily make modifications, such as extending or shortening stays, accommodating additional team members, or relocating employees to different locations. This flexibility allows organizations to adapt to evolving circumstances quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Additionally, having control of corporate housing inventory provides cost-effectiveness and cost control. Corporate clients can negotiate favorable rates and terms directly with housing providers, ensuring competitive pricing and avoiding unnecessary expenses. With control, clients can implement cost management strategies, such as long-term agreements or bulk bookings, to optimize their housing budget. Moreover, having control allows organizations to track and manage housing expenses accurately, facilitating financial planning and reporting.

Furthermore, having control fosters a sense of ownership and accountability. Corporate clients can establish consistent standards and quality expectations for their housing inventory, ensuring that employees are provided with comfortable and suitable accommodations. With control, clients can enforce compliance with their policies and procedures, addressing any concerns promptly and maintaining a high level of satisfaction among their employees. This sense of ownership also allows clients to monitor and evaluate the performance of housing providers, ensuring that they meet the agreed-upon service levels and deliver a positive experience for their employees.

Having control of corporate housing inventory empowers corporate clients to customize the housing experience, adapt to changing needs, manage costs effectively, and maintain accountability. This control enables organizations to align the housing solutions with their specific requirements, promote flexibility, and ensure employee satisfaction. By having control, corporate clients can optimize their housing program, enhance productivity, and support the success of their temporary assignments and relocations.

If you would like more information on establishing a National Account or to schedule an Inventory Managment demonstration, please email our National Accounts Department or call us at 800-960-0102.

Michelle Velasquez

Director of Business Development
Preferred Corporate Housing
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