The Preferred Corporate Housing Model

At Preferred Corporate Housing, we employ a unique business model called Matched Leasing. Matter of fact, we pioneered the Matched Leasing model over 20 years ago. Matched Leasing provides housing options in the exact part of town where you want to be. You tell us where you want to live and we give you housing options that we will setup for you. This guarantees you more housing options instead of placing you in a vacant apartment that we have been trying to lease. This is a problem that our competition has to live with. Providers that have inventory in a certain cities, like hotels, have to re-lease their units. This means quoting empty units in areas that have availability OVER units that are more desired to where our clients want to live.

More options, more flexibility, more quantity, more solutions in areas where our clients want to live are all reasons which separate ourselves from our competition.With this model, we are able to offer housing solutions in over 42,000 cities nationwide.