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Preferred Corporate Housing takes pride in offering meticulously crafted furnished apartments, ensuring that clients experience an ideal blend of comfort and convenience during their extended stays. Catering to various customer needs, Preferred Corporate Housing is especially accommodating for those who consider their pets as part of the family. Our Account Executives are dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect furnished apartment, within a network that spans over 42,000 cities nationwide, where your beloved pets are not just allowed but welcomed. To start this hassle-free process, reach out to us at 800-960-0102, or conveniently submit your request through the housing request form below. Don't forget to mention that you will be bringing along your furry friend.

Choosing corporate housing over hotels for extended stays becomes an unequivocal choice for pet owners. Hotels often have strict policies regarding pets, and even when they do permit them, there can be exorbitant fees and confined spaces that do not offer the ideal environment for your pets. On the other hand, Preferred Corporate Housing, understanding the bond between owners and their pets, ensures that the selected accommodations are pet-friendly. This approach not only means that pets are allowed but also signifies that the spaces are equipped with amenities that cater to your pets' needs.

Additionally, the spaciousness of the apartments compared to typical hotel rooms is another factor that tilts the balance in favor of corporate housing for pet owners. Pets, especially dogs, require ample space to move around, and the larger living areas provided by corporate housing ensure that your pets can be more active and less stressed. Having separate living and sleeping areas also means that thereีs more room for pet beds, toys, and feeding stations, making the apartment feel more like home for them.

Furthermore, corporate housing often situates you in residential neighborhoods, which means there are likely to be parks and open spaces nearby. This is in stark contrast to hotels, which are typically located in commercial areas with limited green spaces. Being in a residential neighborhood not only provides a more home-like environment for you and your pets, but it also means that there are ample opportunities for walks and socializing with other pets in the area.

When traveling for extended periods with family pets, Preferred Corporate Housing is a superior choice compared to hotels. The pet-friendly environment, ample space, and residential setting, coupled with the dedicated assistance of our Account Executives, ensure that both you and your pets have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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