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SHRM - Society of Human Resource Managers

The relationship between the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Preferred Corporate Housing (PCH) is an important collaboration that benefits both organizations and their respective stakeholders. SHRM, a renowned professional organization, focuses on advancing the field of human resource management, while PCH specializes in providing temporary housing solutions for business travelers and relocating employees.

One aspect of the SHRM and PCH relationship is the shared commitment to supporting organizations and HR professionals in managing employee relocations effectively. Relocating employees often require temporary housing solutions during their transition, and this is where PCH comes into play. PCH offers a range of fully furnished apartments and homes that meet the unique needs of business travelers and relocating employees. By partnering with PCH, SHRM can provide its members with access to a trusted housing provider that understands the specific requirements of the HR community.

Moreover, SHRM's partnership with PCH enables the organizations to collaborate on educational initiatives related to relocation and housing management. SHRM offers a wealth of resources, training programs, and events designed to enhance HR professionals' knowledge and skills. Through this collaboration, PCH can contribute its expertise in temporary housing solutions to SHRM's educational offerings. This partnership ensures that HR professionals have access to comprehensive and up-to-date information on managing employee relocations and housing accommodations, thereby enhancing their ability to support their organizations and employees effectively.

Another vital aspect of the relationship is the recognition and endorsement of PCH by SHRM. SHRM's endorsement signifies that PCH meets rigorous standards of quality and demonstrates a commitment to excellence in the field of temporary housing. This recognition adds significant value to PCH's services, as it increases their credibility and marketability within the HR community. HR professionals who utilize PCH's housing solutions can benefit from the SHRM endorsement, knowing that they are partnering with a trusted provider that aligns with the industry's best practices.

Furthermore, SHRM and PCH collaborate on joint marketing efforts and events to promote their shared objectives. By participating in industry conferences, seminars, and trade shows, both organizations can raise awareness about the importance of effective employee relocation and the role that temporary housing plays in supporting successful transitions. These collaborative marketing initiatives allow SHRM and PCH to reach a broader audience of HR professionals and organizations seeking reliable housing solutions for their employees.

The relationship between SHRM and Preferred Corporate Housing is a strategic partnership that leverages the expertise of both organizations. SHRM benefits from access to a trusted housing provider for its members, while PCH gains recognition and increased marketability through SHRM's endorsement. The collaboration allows for educational initiatives that enhance HR professionals' knowledge in relocation and housing management, and joint marketing efforts amplify their reach within the HR community. Together, SHRM and PCH work towards supporting organizations and HR professionals in effectively managing employee relocations and providing suitable temporary housing solutions.