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Preferred Corporate Housing CEO, Samantha Elliott CRP, CCHP, has been nominated to the CHPA Borad of Directors for 2011. Samantha, will be joining other industry leaders as she helps guide the Corporate Housing Providers Association in the fiscal year 2011. Samantha's leadership in the corporate housing industry make her a perfect fit for the Board of Directors at CHPA.

Preferred Corporate Housing has experienced growth an expansion in the last several years and her expertise in guiding a successful large-market corporate housing company in a down economy will be benficial for the entire corporate housing industry in the years to come. Samantha has been in corporate housing since 1996 and currently holds the distinguished accreditations of CRP - Certified Relocation Professional and CCHP - Certified Corporate Housing Professional.

Congratulations Samantha!

Samantha Elliott, CCHP, CRP, and President of Preferred Corporate Housing (PCH), has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA). This is a significant accomplishment and a testament to her dedication, expertise, and leadership in the corporate housing industry. As a veteran in the industry, SamanthaŐs election to the board represents not only her individual achievements but also signifies the recognition and trust from her peers and industry leaders.

Serving on the Board of Directors of CHPA is a role of immense responsibility and influence. The CHPA is a vital organization within the corporate housing industry, dedicated to setting standards, facilitating networking, providing education, and advocating for the industry's interests. As a member of the Board, Samantha will play an integral role in shaping the industryŐs future, ensuring that the values and high standards that PCH upholds are echoed throughout the corporate housing sector. Her insights, accumulated over years of hands-on experience, will be invaluable in guiding the organization's decisions and policies.

One of the factors that makes Samantha's role on the Board even more significant is her holding both the Certified Corporate Housing Professional (CCHP) designation and the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation. These certifications reflect a profound commitment to professionalism and expertise in corporate housing and relocation services. The CCHP designation showcases her specialized knowledge in corporate housing, while the CRP designation reflects her expertise in providing comprehensive relocation services. These designations underscore her competence and dedication, qualities that will greatly contribute to her role on the CHPA Board.

Samantha ElliottŐs election to the Board of Directors of CHPA is not just an individual achievement but also an asset to the entire corporate housing industry. Through her leadership, commitment, and the weight of her certifications, she is poised to contribute meaningfully to the industryŐs advancement. For Preferred Corporate Housing, her involvement at this level also reflects the company's position as an industry leader, committed to excellence and innovation in corporate housing services.

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